Fifth Avenue Club is making a significant difference in the village of Belo (Bell-oh), Ethiopia, by adopting it as a special project through Food for the Hungry Canada. We are heavily involved in this sustainable development project to improve the health/sanitation, food security, education and leadership within the area. The end goal is that the families of Belo will no longer struggle each day to meet their most basic economic, social and spiritual needs.

Our commitment to the people of Belo began in 2007, and we will continue to support the development program until the “graduation” of the community, scheduled for 2016. We are “walking with” rather than “doing for.” Numerous staff have had the privilege of visiting Belo over the years. Personally witnessing the positive effect of our involvement has affirmed and bolstered our confidence in the effectiveness of Food for the Hungry’s approach to sustainability in Belo.

Fifth Avenue Club contributes $3 from every membership, every month to improve the way of life in Belo. We hope our members feel proud of the part they play in changing lives.

For more information, including how to donate, visit Food for the Hungry Canada.

I believe that life is made much more meaningful through helping others and giving to those in need. I love that Fifth Avenue Club is not only making a difference here in Calgary; we’re also changing lives on the other side of the globe in Belo.

Darren Kanwischer Fifth Avenue Club Owner